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The Hirschi Lab in the Department of Cell Biology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine is seeking a Postdoctoral Researcher to investigate the role of endothelial cell cycle state in phenotypic specialization during development and in disease.

Research in the Hirschi lab currently focuses on: 1) the molecular regulation of hemogenic, arterial-venous, and lymphatic endothelial cell development, 2) cell cycle regulation of endothelial cell specification, 3) vascular regulation of stem cell niches, and 4) systems and genomic approaches to studying vascular development. Fundamental approaches in the Hirschi Lab include:

  • Murine models of development

  • Human and murine cell culture models using primary and stem cell sources

  • Single cell and bulk analyses using next-generation sequencing, proteomics and bioinformatics

  • Immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy

  • Flow cytometric analysis and Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)

Candidates with experience in these techniques are highly encouraged to apply. Training in additional techniques will be provided according to the research project directions.

Postdoctoral researchers will manage their own projects and interact with other lab members and collaborators. Additional responsibilities of the position include writing and preparing manuscripts for scientific publication; making presentations at local, national, and/or international conferences; assisting in the preparation of grant applications; and establishing new avenues of research in the laboratory. This position also includes opportunities to help mentor and teach students.

Dr. Hirschi is the founding Director of the UVA Developmental Genomics Center. The Center bridges developmental biologists with genomic and clinical translational scientists at UVA and nearby health care systems, aiming to integrate genomic technologies and next-generation sequencing datasets to determine mechanisms underlying developmental defects and disease. Dr. Hirschi is also an active member of the UVA Cardiovascular Research Center, which provides opportunity for postdoctoral support on the longstanding and highly successful NIH T32 Cardiovascular Training Grant.

To Apply:

Please apply through Workday and search for R0041121. Complete an application online with CV/resume, cover letter, and contact information for 3 references.

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